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To Our Valued Parents:


Your child is on the way to getting a driver's license, and you are probably wondering what kind of progress he or she is making. As the providers of this online course, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and present the guidelines we had in mind when we developed FahrschuleOnline.de.


The instructors at FahrschuleOnline.de have been educating teens in the process of becoming safe drivers for over 20 years. Our individual and collective experiences enable us to develop a valuable online driver education service with the concerns of both teens and parents in mind. Perhaps the most important observation we repeatedly make is the understanding that earning a driver's license is not simply a formality. Rather, it has become an almost integral part of the process of growing up and acquiring greater responsibilities.

Freedom and Responsibility

A large part of becoming an adult is the realization of personal freedom and independence. These qualities are what most teens desire. A driver's license is symbolic of their own new mobility and of the freedom they feel only a car can provide. However, adults and parents know that with this freedom comes a serious responsibility. A careless and irresponsible driver endangers his or her own physical safety and the lives of others. At FahrschuleOnline.de, we expect a great deal of caution and consideration from a good driver, and we apply these expectations to our curriculum.

Safety and Education

You are probably familiar with the statistics demonstrating that the majority of auto-related accidents involve young drivers. Accidents often occur because teens can overestimate their skills and take risks that are too great. With this in mind, every new driver requires time behind the wheel to gather practical experience. Naturally, new drivers will also make mistakes. As driver education providers in cooperation with you, our purpose is to minimize the chance of serious mistakes. We have the opportunity to develop a solid foundation for our students and our children by providing quality, safety-based driver education and by being strong role models.

Our Guidelines

We designed our online course so that it complies with official guidelines and maximizes the learning process of our students:


Vital to being a safe driver is familiarity with the rules of the road and the importance of following them. For that purpose, the Bundesministerium für Verkehr (Federal Secretary of Traffic) has published a set of questions, which are used in the theoretical driving test by TÜV and DEKRA to ensure a young driver's expertise with road rules and regulations. FahrschuleOnline.de exclusively uses the questions published by the Bundesministerium to better prepare our students.

Our system identifies every question that is answered incorrectly. No mistake is missed or overseen.
Our course features personal statistics for tests that the student has already taken. These can be accessed again and again for review and study purposes.
The catalogue published by the Bundesministerium consists of a total of 1476 questions: 516 questions of basic material and 960 questions of additional material, dependent on the class of driver's license. A single test consists of a selection of 30 questions and our system ensures that a question is only repeated after all other questions have been asked at least once.

Everyone learns at a unique pace. This is the reason why we do not limit the number of tests in the course that a student may take. Your child is encouraged to take as much time as necessary to fully prepare for passing the official theoretical examination.
Respectfully, Isaak Tsifrin.